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Bergila's Aroma Ritual Sauna Set  


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Breathe 100 % nature... our sauna kit for your aroma ritual at home  
Introductory set for your aroma ritual in the home sauna 

This set is ideal for lovers of sauna aromatherapy, suitable for the home sauna, but also put together for professional sauna infusions to sniff through the various natural scents and fully enjoy the infusion.
Included in the introductory set are:
3 essential oils at 10 ml each:
Organic blood orange
Arolla pine organic
Herbal oil blend organic: a special blend of: Lavender, Rosemary, Arolla Pine, Peppermint.
These essential oils thus support the comprehensive relaxation effect during the sauna session and the special composition combines the aromas of Mediterranean blood orange with the balsamic, woody scent of Arolla pine and the refreshing, herbaceous herbal oil fragrance blend to create a true olfactory experience.
- 1x Bergila sauna towel, in extra-large format (80x200 cm), a plump soft towel with woven viscose strip at the ends of the towel, in Bergila orange with embroidered Bergila logo.
- 1x real wood infusion ladle in poplar, with spout and branded Bergila logo, one of the most important utensils for your sauna infusion rituals (experiences), enabling a relaxing sauna experience. Sauna lovers always enjoy a slight rise in temperature after an infusion with the sauna ladle.


All-in-one-kit for home sauna and sauna infusion lovers - take a deep breath and enjoy the steaming nature!
Procedure for sauna infusion:
- cool down hot stones on the stove with a few ladles of water.
- add a few drops of essential oil to the infusion ladle with water and infuse again with it.
- distribute the fragrant steam with a towel;
Attention: Essential oils are sensitive to heat and should therefore not be left in the sauna area, use the essential oil before the sauna infusion. Alternatively, you can drizzle the essential oil on snow or ice balls BEFORE the infusion (5-10 drops) and place them on the stones of the sauna heater after cooling down and let them melt.
Tip: Learn more about the use of essential oils in the sauna and interesting facts about infusion in our blog-Article.

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