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Digest organic
alcoholic extract


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  • The whole strength of the plant in drops
  • High-quality extract with valuable bitter herbs: masterwort, common centaury and fennel fruits
  • To ingest
  • Healthy plant-based food supplement
  • glass from at least 40% recycled glass
50 ml

General information

Plant extract of masterwort, common centaury and fennel fruits. For an alcoholic extract the fresh plant is steeped in alcohol and water. The active agents are extracted and become saturated in the alcohol and water mixture. Therefore, extracts include the full strength of the plant in drops.


Application: ingest 15 drops twice a day diluted in water after the meals.
Not suitable for children under age 3.
Food supplements are not a replacement for a healthy balanced and varied diet. Do not ingest in combination with other medication or clarify with your doctor before. For more mandatory information see label.


Water, alcohol*/**, masterwort* (peucedanum ostruthium (l.) W. Koch) root, common centaury* (centaurium erythraea rafn) leaves and flowers, fennel* (foeniculum vulgare mill.) fruit
* from organic cultivation
** alcohol level 48-55%; the exact alcohol level is stated on the label of each individual product.

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2 October 2020 at 16:31

Digest ein hervorragendes Produkt

Wir kennen Ihre Produkte seit Jahren, da wir bis jetzt persönlich bei Ihnen eingekauft haben, wenn wir im Urlaub waren. Nur Corona bedingt kommen wir dieses Jahr leider nicht nach Kiens, oder Olang, deshalb unsere Bestellung online.

19 August 2019 at 18:25

Aiuto nella digestione

Prodotto più efficace di tutti quelli che ho provato in farmacia e/o erboristeria

28 January 2019 at 00:17


Super product to feel less inflated after a meal . It Works wonders

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