Larix Decidua

Larix Decidua

The larch belongs to the family of pine trees and is the only needle tree in Europe which loses its needles in fall and blooms again in spring time. This property makes the larch unique and resistent against low temperatures.




The mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effect make the larch a natural and effective remedy for the wellbeing of the respiratory tract, eases to cough up and is very recommended for colds. Only 3 drops are needed toghether with an emulgent like a spoon of honey to put in the bath tub and to feel the comfortable effect on the respiratory tract. To solve the mucus from the bronchia and lungs put 3 drops in 2 liters hot water and inhale the steam. Larch develops a wonderful scent in the sauna and oil burner.

Benefits Larch

You can find all the benefits of this plant in these products


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