Hypericum Perforatum

Hypericum Perforatum

St.-John’s-wort belongs to the family of Hypericaceae (St. Johnswort family) and is a mulitannual herb, which defies the cold. The leaves look like they are full with little wholes, that is the reason why St.-John’s-wort has the latin name "Hypericum Perforatum". The whole are transparent oil drands. The name originates also from the bloom of the plant, the 24th of June, St.-John’s day.




St.-John’s-wort is a medical plant which has a wound-healing and anti-imflammatory effect. As an oil extrace St.-John’s-wort is used for burns, sun burns, inflammation and inflammation of nerve pathways. If you ingest St.-John’s-wort as an alcoholic extract it has a calming effect for the psyche in the menopause and a mild antidepressant effect.
Do not combine with other medication, birth control pill or only after you talked to your doctor.

Benefits St.-John’s-wort

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