Bergila Gift Voucher
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Bergila Gift Voucher

An idea that will please everyone

Give your friend a voucher for a natural and bio purchase on Bergila.
Create your voucher in three simple steps:

  1. Choose a design

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The Perfect Gift

Bergila Gift Voucher Curiosity Product

Need to give a gift but have no idea what to choose? Don’t panic. Pick a safe option and give one of our gift vouchers! You choose the desired amount and then add a personal message or birthday greeting before sending.

Conditions of Use for the Gift Voucher

1) How to Use Bergila Gift Vouchers

The vouchers come in a digital format and are sent to a specified email address. The email containing the voucher can be printed via the printing programme set up for the recipient’s email. The vouchers can only be used to purchase items featured on Bergila’s website at and are valid for a single purchase. If the total price of the order exceeds the value of the Gift Voucher, another payment method can be used to cover the outstanding balance. To use a Bergila Gift Voucher, its code must be entered at the time of payment.

2) Validity

The Gift Vouchers are valid from the moment they are issued and must be used within two years of the same date.

3) Conditions

The Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used to purchase other vouchers. They can be used exclusively on the website.

4) Responsibility in case of loss

Bergila is in no case responsible for loss or damage to the Gift Voucher by a purchaser, recipient or third parties.

5) Fraud

If the Voucher is used by or comes into the possession of an individual by fraudulent means, Bergila reserves the right to charge the amount of the goods purchased to the offender and to report the case to the authorities.

6) Limitations of Responsibility

Bergila does not provide any guarantee relating to Gift Vouchers, whether expressed or implied. Bergila is solely responsible for the replacement of the Gift Voucher in the case of malfunction. Any individual purchasing, receiving and using a Gift Voucher agrees to these terms of use. These conditions are applicable in accordance with the law.



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