Book: Die Zirbe

Book: Die Zirbe

Heilkraft der Natur - Gesundes Wohnen - 99 Rezepte für Wohlbefinden, Schönheit & Küche

Bound book

  • Authors: Sigrid Thaler Rizzolli, Heinrich Gasteiger
  • Publisher: Athesia
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Year of publication: 2017
  • Language: German
Formats available: Book in German language

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Book: Die Zirbe Curiosity Product
Curiosity Pinus Cembra

Pinus Cembra

Arolla pine is a typical plant of the alps. It is only growing above a sea level of 1400 to 2100 meters and can have an age over 1000 years. Thanks to its outstanding scent and its healing and calming effect the arolla pine is used more and more often for the production of furniture.

Book: Die Zirbe
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