Echinacea - propolis organic

Echinacea - propolis organic

Alcoholic extract


The vegetable alcoholic extract of echinacea and proposis strengthens the body’s defenses. Ingest 12 drops diluted with water twice a day. Vegetable food supplement. 

Formats available: 50 ml

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Echinacea - propolis organic
Description Echinacea - propolis organic

Echinacea - propolis organic

The echinacea – propolis tincture by Bergila is a 100 % organic product. It is won by hand with only natural raw material in our own laboratories. 


Echinacea - propolis organic Curiosity Product
Curiosity Echinacea - propolis organic

Echinacea - propolis organic

For this organic alcoholic extract the fresh plants are steeped  in alcohol and water. The active substances are taken out by the alcohol-water mixture. Afterwards the mixture will be filtered and bottled. Not appropriate for children under 3 years.

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Super Produkt

Bei den kleinsten Anzeichen von Halsweh, Grippe oder Erkältung nehmen wir 2-3 x täglich 20 Tropfen von diesem Produkt. Dann ist die Krankheit noch nie ausgebrochen.

ottimo integratore per le difese immunitarie

da anni lo uso in autunno e in inverno per aumentare le difese immunitarie contro i sintomi da raffreddamento : funziona sempre.

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Echinacea - propolis organic
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