Sage organic
herbal tea


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  • Tart, sweet taste
  • Whole sage leaves
  • Gentle harvest and processing
  • Herbs of our own cultivation
  • Also usable in the kitchen
20 g

General information

Sage convinces with its bitter but also sweet-spicy taste. Tip: also in the kitchen sage can be used perfectly, i.e. as a refinement of different dishes.

Worth knowing

The packaging board is made of FSC-certified paper and 5% hemp fibre. The cellulose film is obtained from renewable resources (wood) and is biodegradable.


For the preparation of Bergila herbal teas dash the herbs with 90°C hot water (leave water standing for one minute after boiling). For one cup you need one teaspoon of loose herbs. Leave the tea to draw for 5 to 8 minutes. The longer the tea is left to draw, the more intense the bitter compounds come out and the more color will develop. Cover up the tea while leaving it to draw to avoid the evaporation of the essential oils. blog.


sage* (salvia officinalis) herbs
* from organic cultivation


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