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100 years of Bergila

Since 1912 Bergila is active in the fourth generation to support your wellbeing. Mindfulness, patience and respect are the key elements to capture the core of nature. Thus, we seek the passion to preserve your health with high-quality organic products. In harmony with nature, for over 100 years.

Bergila Familienbetrieb Früher 1912 Family Niederkofler 1912

A family business

Love and passion for nature and the own work – that’s how our team stands out.

Bergila Familienbetrieb Heute Family Niederkofler today

Use of pure spring water for all-natural essences

Ecological, sustainable cultivation out of respect to nature is a matter of the heart

With care, love and commitment in harmony with the rhythms of nature

Bergila - Latschenkiefer ätherisches Öl

Own and certified organic cultivation for the highest quality without compromises

Gentle steam distillation to obtain all active agents of the plant

At the balsamic time, when the active agents of the plant are the highest

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Bergila Online Shop von biologischen Kräuterprodukten

Our favorites

100% organic and with lots of love

Bergila biologischer Anbau

100% organic

Own and organic certified cultivation. Harvesting of the plants by hand. Natural spring water. Slow and gentle distillation. To provide you the best of nature.

Bergila Bio Destillation Distillation of arolla pine.


From the plant to the pure essential oil


Plants from rank growth are chopped in high alpine areas. This serves the preservation of alpine pasture areas.

100% all-natural

All-natural and pure for the highest quality

Bergila Latschenkieferernte


Harvesting by hand in the rhythm of nature to preserve and pass on the vital energy of the plant.


The essential oil is gently extracted from the plant with steam distillation to obtain all the valuable components of the plant.

How we work

Bergila Blüten pflücken
Bergila Destillation
Bergila Kräuter verpacken
Bergila Latschenkiefer schneiden
Bergila biologischer Anbau