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Bergila’s green circuit

In the following we would like to give you
a brief overview of our commitment
a favore dello sustainable development!
Working towards
greater sustainability and the objectives
we are pursuing for ourselves and
for future generations:

Handmade with love
and 100% organic


Harvested according to
the rhythms of nature
Plants from sustainable
controlled forestry


Pure spring water
is used for distillation
Biomass recycling for
steam and energy production
Protecting the environment
by using recycled packaging

Bergila’s green circuit

The Bergila family business represents both sustainability and respect for nature.

Raw material sourcing>>wood utilisation>>pastureland preservation>>habitat preservation.

The raw material such as mountain pines and junipers are cut out with respect and feeling in agreement with the forestry authority and the nature park for the preservation of the pasture areas and the habitat of the native animals.

When trees are felled for timber, the branches are left lying around. We then collect the small branches and transport them to the distillery for distillation. The whole process takes place in our region.

Spring water>>Distillation>>Cooling of the water vapour>>Energy generator

For the distillation and for the subsequent cooling of the water vapour, we use water from our own spring. The cooling process produces hot water again, which we recover for steam production. A large part of it is then discharged via a pipe to a nearby hotel as an energy source.

Biomass>>Steam generation>>District heating pipeline>>Heat donor

The biomass that remains after distillation (the cut needles and branches) is burnt in our own heating plant for steam generation. The resulting energy is not only used to generate steam but is also fed via a district heating pipeline to the nearby headquarters of the Bergila company. There it serves as a heat source for the building, greenhouse and for the drying plant for the herbs.

The private house next door is also supplied with this energy.

Heating Plant>>Combustion>>Wood Ash>>Auxiliaries

The biological wood ash that is produced during combustion in the heating plant is used for several purposes:

  • As natural fertiliser in organic farming.
  • As an aid in the leaching of detergents (for which a young start-up company is in the vicinity).
  • A cheese dairy in the Veneto region uses this ash for the storage and ripening of cheese.

The photovoltaic system at the company headquarters supplies all the electricity we need each year.

We use sustainable and recycled packaging for most of our products.

We only use recyclable cardboard and paper when shipping products online.

Sustainability in our packaging:

  • Amber glass bottles: (essential oils, tinctures, oil extracts) are made from at least 40% recycled glass.
  • Ointment jars: (ointments) are made of 100% recycled glass; the lid is made of recycled plastic.
  • Frictions: bottle body made of 100% recycled plastic (PCR)
  • Foot gel and hand cream: tubes made of recycled plastic (PCR)
  • Herbal salt: glass jar and metal lid. Refill pack: 100% paper. Plastic-free
  • Infusions and herbal teas: FSC-certified cardboard. Cellulose film (wood)
  • Shower gel and shampoo: recycled plastic bottle (PCR).
  • Hydrolates: 100% recycled glass bottle body.
  • Zero Waste products: solid shampoo and solid shower gel.

In the future, we will try to switch to recycled packaging solutions wherever possible.