Alpine juniper

Alpine juniper
Juniperus Nana

Juniperus Nana

The alpine juniper is a low growing plant and unique for its properties. The tipical high alpine plant is only growing above a sea level of 2000 meters. Bergila is the only company in Europe which distills alpine juniper. One of the reasons is that you get only up 0,5 liters out of one tonne of raw material. In cooperation with the forest holding we only harvest the annual growth for landscape and meadow preservation.




Alpine juniper is a very effective natural remedy. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect. Through the rubbing on a painful spot cortisone is produced naturally in the body, which is pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory. Rub in a few drops mixed with a natural oil for arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism and gout. Alpine juniper develops a wonderful scent in the sauna and oil burner.

Benefits Alpine juniper

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