Lavanda Ibrida

Lavanda Ibrida

Lavender belongs to the mint family. The plant is bushy with upstanding, forked branches and non comperable smelling blooms. The word lavender originates from the latin word “lavare” which means “wash”, therefore lavender was used to wash out wounds, for the personal hygiene and also for the laundry. Lavender is used because of its therapeutical properties for thousands of years.




Lavender has a very calming and relaxing effect and is therefore used for insomnia and sleep disorder, for example put some drops on a tissue or oil burner. It is also ideally suited for colds, just inhale the steam of the lavender oil. For earache put some drops of the oil on some cotton wool and insert in the ear. The wound-healing effect of lavender is good for burns. For moths put 5 drops on a piece of wood, brick or tissue, these materials suck in the scent and realease it slowly. Lavender develops a wonderful scent in the sauna and oil burner.

Benefits Lavender

You can find all the benefits of this plant in these products


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